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Family Man

Ziad El Halabi, a Lebanese immigrant living in the USA, has a knack for business that started at a young age.


In addition to Cedarsphere, Ziad El Halabi is a founder of an ever-growing portfolio of businesses. 

Digital Marketing Agency

Real Estate Investment Firm

Jewelry Brand

Bamboo Toilet Paper Brand

Auto Parts Store

Digital Marketing Agency

Fence Services Company

Car Rental Agency

Image by Jed Owen


"You can call me 'Z.' I am a first-generation immigrant who grew up in Chouaifet, Lebanon - a small country in the Middle East. In 2010, I was packing my bags with a one-way ticket to Waco, Texas. All I knew about the United States was from what I had seen in movies, but looking back on that day, I didn’t realize I was actually on a plane seeking 'The American Dream.'
Learning and adapting to a foreign culture was an influence on the person I am today. With a will to succeed and everlasting enthusiasm, I have always found a way to look beyond the horizon. My initial investment wasn’t just money. It was grit and work ethic.

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Ziad El Halabi

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