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'Giveback': Project Ziad & Cedarsphere’s Commitment to Community Support

As the year unfolds its final chapters and we step into the season of festivity, it’s a time when the ethos of giving and gratitude takes center stage. Today, I am incredibly proud to announce the launch of a meaningful initiative that holds the potential to transform lives within our beloved Waco community—the 'Giveback' initiative.

'Giveback': Project Ziad & Cedarsphere’s Commitment to Community Support

Rooted in the belief that we thrive by lifting each other, Project Ziad and Cedarsphere are collaborating to weave a tapestry of support and kindness that extends beyond the holiday season. Starting this week, 'Giveback' will be a beacon of hope, providing $300 weekly to a family navigating through tough times. This commitment is set to continue, unwaveringly, until the end of 2023.

Why 'Giveback'?

'Giveback' is more than just a campaign—it’s a pledge, a testament to our shared humanity. It's an acknowledgment that sometimes, all that stands between despair and hope is an act of support from the community. Many within our midst face unseen challenges, and as we bask in the joy of our achievements and celebrate our milestones, it’s vital to extend a hand to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

This initiative is also a nod to our roots. My journey, from a young entrepreneur to the founder of multiple businesses, was paved with the kindness of individuals who believed in solidarity. 'Giveback' is an embodiment of that spirit, an opportunity for us to pay it forward.

The Mechanics of Compassion

The process is simple. We ask that anyone in need, or anyone who knows a family in need, submit their story through a dedicated form on our website, A team, formed of compassionate individuals from both Project Ziad and Cedarsphere, will randomly select a recipient each Friday, ensuring that every week, hope is renewed and support is given.

To preserve the dignity and privacy of all involved, the details of recipients will remain confidential. It’s important to stress that this assistance is not about publicity—it’s about making a genuine difference.

A Humble Request

In keeping with the respect for privacy and to maintain an organized process, we ask that requests for assistance be made exclusively through the form on our website. Direct messages via social media are not equipped to handle sensitive information and may inadvertently overlook a family in urgent need.

Looking Ahead

'Giveback' is a promise, a journey we embark on together as a community. It’s a step towards a future where no one has to stand alone against the tide of hardships. We welcome you to join us in this movement, whether it’s by spreading the word, submitting a nomination, or simply by holding space in your heart for those around us.

In conclusion, this campaign is an invitation to celebrate the most beautiful aspects of human connection. It’s about Waco. It’s about community. It’s about the enduring power of unity.

Thank you for joining us in this cause. Let's end this year with a legacy of compassion and carry it forward, together.


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