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In the spirit of togetherness and support, Project Ziad is proud to launch our 'Giveback' initiative. 

As we approach the holiday season and as a commitment for the upcoming new year, we are taking action to support our Waco community. Each week, one family in need will be selected to receive $350. This gesture of solidarity will continue through the end of 2023.

Starting now, submissions are open, and every Friday, the Project Ziad team will randomly choose a recipient. All assistance will be given anonymously to ensure privacy for all involved. If you know a family in need or if you're facing tough times yourself, we're here for you. Please submit your information confidentially.

This is a collaboration between Project Ziad & Cedarsphere. Together, let's end this year on a note of hope and carry that compassion into the new year. 

Thank you for your submission. 

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